The ‘Disaster Artist’ himself graces London

Cult film director, Tommy Wiseau, met adoring fans of his 2003 “hit” The Room alongside co-star Greg Sestero this week at the Prince Charles cinema, London.

The event was part of The Room‘s 15th anniversary celebration and follows the success of the films biopic, The Disaster Artist  (2017) staring and directed by James Franco.

Wiseau and Sestero held a Q&A before the films showing, which included the unique director singing, dishing out life advice and hinting at a possible 3D release of his infamous ‘black comedy’ – before the pair returned to the bar to sign merchandise and meet fans.

Tommy confuses ‘The Disaster Artist’ for his long awaited Broadway adaptation of ‘The Room’

Screenings of The Room are notorious for audience interaction and this was no exception; heckling was rampant – particularly of the films most iconic lines – and spoons were flung at the screen as Wiseau devotees laughed their way through what is regarded as “the best worst movie” in existence.

Such screenings began in the mid 2000’s and have made the film turn a profit from its unbelievable six million dollar budget. Wiseau has since embraced these midnight showings, making appearances across the US, and an annual trip to London,

The Disaster Artist is adapted from Sestero’s novel of the same name, in which he details the troubled production of The Room, as well as his friendship with confident actor/direcor, Wiseau. The film adaptation has won a Golden Globe for Franco’s performance and is nominated for an Academy Award for ‘Best writing adapted screenplay’.


BONUS – my favourite heckles:

  • “Who funded this?” – During the Tommy and Greg Q&A
  • *Humming the Mission Impossible theme* – When Johnny sets up the tape recorder.
  • “Who the fuck are you?” – When Peter’s actor is changed for the last twenty minutes.
  • “I hope your breasts get better.” – When Claudette leaves the scene where reveals her breast cancer, which is never alluded to again.
  • “How do I join Planet Tommy?” – Again, during the Q&A.
  • *Mocking Mark’s voice* “Johnny’s my best friend” – during the second Lisa and Mark sex scene.
  • “Close the door!” – When a character forgets to close the front door. So every scene.
  • “Denny, now’s your chance!” – When Johnny storms upstairs, following the fight with Lisa.

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